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New Pavilion at Valley Complex



May, 2003 – Valley Soccer Club wishes to extend it’s heartfelt thanks to the West Fulton Rod and Gun Club for sponsoring the May 17, 2003 workday that resulted in the construction of a 24′ x 32′ pavilion at the Valley Soccer Complex.

When Valley broke ground at the complex in 1997, the Rod and Gun Club was one of the first organizations to contact club officials advising them that they would be on hand to help with the construction when the club was were ready to add outbuildings.


With site work, materials and post holes in place the day before, 15 to 20 volunteers reported to the complex at 7:00am Saturday morning ready to take on the project. Aided by the experience of having built other pavilions in the area prior to coming to the Valley Complex, club members worked steadily throughout the day under the supervision of several experienced contractors and roofers in the group.   By 5pm, a stately pavilion stood where a patch of green grass stood the day before.


Valley Soccer Club has been very fortunate to have had so much support over the years to make the building of our soccer complex so successful.  For the cost of a few supplies, a little food and drink, and the much appreciated contributions of time and craftsmanship from our friends, we have provided a facility that not only supports quality youth soccer programs but enhances the scenery as well.  The addition of new picnic tables allows teams and visitors to sit down in spite of the weather, watch a soccer game or two, have a snack and/or just enjoy our view of the valley.