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Field Clean Up 7/8/2018


Good morning everyone.

I am emailing with good news. We were able to get a few more volunteers so this summer season will happen. Thank you to the people who stepped up. The season starts this coming Tuesday July 10th and ends on Thursday August 9th. I am sorry for any confusion that came with the receipts and emails. I thought that I had found every spot that had dates but I guess not.

For coaches you need to complete the background check found at http://www.cdysl.org/Page/Coaches/RiskManagement . If you did this last year it is still good. If you have any questions or problems please let me know.

We need to address a few more items:

1. We will be at the Valley fields Sunday 7/8/18 to mow, clean up and paint lines on the fields. Many hands make light work. We are planning to start around 9am and hopefully it will move quickly.

2. I will not be there on Tuesday the 10th but my husband Will is going to cover for me. If you have questions or concerns I will be there on Thursday. You can also come Sunday morning and speak with me.

3. Tuesday night there will be no T-shirts. We should have them for Thursday and if you owe payment please plan to bring it on Thursday the 12th.

4. This will officially be my last year with Valley as a whole. We are planning a re-organizational meeting in August for the Club. If you think you would be interested in becoming part of the club in anyway please let me know. If you are willing to take over the coordinators spot, treasurers spot, or registrars spot let me know and we can use this season as a training point. On a much more sad note, if we do not get any interest in the programs or in the administrative parts of Valley then the club will not be able to run.

If you have an questions or concerns please reach out and let me know. I will be following up with all of the coaches and volunteers before Tuesday and if you guys can at least stop at the fields on Sunday I would like to go over things with you all.

Thank you again for your time and commitment,