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Field Clean Up Day and Volunteers Needed!



There are some specific jobs around the Valley complex where we could use volunteers. Pressure washing, painting and working on a new complex sign are just some. Any help with these jobs would make the fields look much better.

We have much needed construction to perform on our existing shed and are also looking for parent volunteers to work a concession stand, not only during the travel season games but also the summer rec program.

Field Clean Up Day

Clean up day for the field will include:

  • field maintenance
  • shed maintenance including repairs
  • laying out and lining of playing fields
  • cleaning of the pavilion and seating
  • weed whacking and minor landscaping

We encourage all players and parents to join as more people make this much easier and take far less time.

Summer Recreational Coordinator

We are looking for someone to take over the coordination efforts for Valley’s Summer Rec Soccer program. Duties include scheduling the program, distributing flyers, acquiring and assigning coaches, and soliciting sponsorships.

The full support of Valley will be available to the person(s) volunteering for this position. Help at any time will be available and this would be a transitional process.

Field Maintenance Coordinator

A field maintenance coordinator is needed to organize mowing, lining of the fields and other grounds related tasks. Assigning days and people to perform these tasks is a critical part to keeping the fields playable for not only our club but other clubs who use our field as a neutral site.


Please let me know if you can help us out, what you’re interested in doing or if you simply have some questions. Contact Melissa Bevins (Wood) 518-708-0675 or mb9run13@gmail.com.